Review: Halo: Reach (Single-Player)

Let us start things off in a blunt matter. This is a Halo game. If you liked any of Bungie’s previous titles with the same moniker, chances are you will like it. For the 24 people who haven’t either heard about or played any Halo game, and for some odd reason you are beginning your career with Reach, you are in for a treat.

Halo: Reach isn’t a game changer for the many who have played Halo before.

For any of those who have submerged themselves into the Halo lore over the years will know that Reach is not a delightful story. The first scene of the game focuses on a spartan helmet in a deserted battleground with a bullet hole cracking the visor. Immediately you are introduced to Noble Team, an elite group of Spartan-III’s (and one Spartan-II) who have single-handedly won battles.  I commend Bungie for deciding how the player would fit into this group of individuals. You play Noble Six, a heavily experienced Spartan known for taking out entire militia groups, sharing a background similar to the Chief. The fact that you are able to fully customize his look and are able to see it in the cut-scenes goes to show you how much Bungie wants Six to be your character in the universe.  Each moment is centered on forcing you deeper into his role while trying to relate to the other Spartan on your side. Unfortunately by the end of the game I had gained little incentive to actually care about the others. Some of the plot elements were obvious from the beginning.  It may have helped a bit if we didn’t know Reach’s inevitable demise, but making connections to these characters has its complications. Don’t get me wrong, what Bungie managed to do with a small amount of time is phenomenal, I just wished that I could remember each one more vividly.

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