Where I’m at

I spent the morning reading through the stuff I left behind in the past few weeks. Funny, when you’re working hard to write, the reading falls behind. Every Sunday I try to go through the stories I missed over the week, and to spend some time reading about things that have nothing to do with games. It was difficult at first, I thought all I was interested in was games writing because that was what I needed to get better at, but I remember a tweet by Justin McElroy, a personality, both in writing and in person, I admire. He said, the best way to improve your writing is to stop reading games writing. Read about the things you don’t necessarily care about. It really does work. Of course I still read tons of games writing, but I mix it up with an assortment of other material.

One piece I didn’t get to when it hit my twitter feed, a study of PAX East, the people, and the culture of games, written by a GQ writer. Woah, I know, he doesn’t know games! But that’s okay, and it makes the article so much more fascinating. It’s a look at something that permeates my thoughts every day, by someone who fell off games during high school. It’s got a little of the Games Are Legitimate argument in there, it’s unavoidable, past that, it’s an appreciation of a culture people may not realize is gargantuan, and still growing. It helps to see your life through someone else’s eyes, please, I urge you to read it.

I said at the beginning of the year that I felt like very big things would happen. Those big things are starting. My current state is a mix of extreme excitement, and nervousness. It all hit me very quickly. It’s one of those thing where your heads down working, and at some point someone taps you on the shoulder and gives you a compliment. It’s flattering, and empowering. More fuel to fire an even heavier focus on getting better, and learning as much as possible. Nothing’s a guarantee, and sometimes I feel like it’ll go away, but I work hard to fight those thoughts, remember, I’m worth it. Nothing is going as I planned it in my head, and I’m having a blast adapting to it, however daunting it may be. Let me emphasize that I’m very excited.


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