Skyrim Patch Includes Code for Snow Elves and Crossbows

A browse through The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim’s latest update reveals lines of code that may confirm Snow Elves and crossbows to appear in future DLC.

A BethSoft forum user searched through lines of code in update 1.5.26 for Skyrim and found mentions of a “Snow Elf Prince,” and animations for crossbows.

Ripten knows their Skyrim lore, adding that the Snow Elf race turned into the ugly Falmer, who are currently in the game, after being enslaved by the Dwemer. The Snow Elf Prince, once the leader of the Snow Elves, died in battle with the Nords.

Bethesda Vice President of Public Relations Pete Hines tweeted Wednesday he is working on releasing info about Skyrim DLC “next week.”

Via: Polygon

Source: Ripten

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