Internal Rayman Legends Video Reveals Possible Wii U NFC Technology

A leaked Rayman Legends trailer reveals the ability to scan figurines into the game using the Wii U’s tablet controller, possibly through near field communication technology.

In a statement to VG247, Ubisoft confirmed the authenticity of the video. “This video was intended as a purely internal demonstrative video, and in NO way represents the final game, the final console or their features.”

Items and figurines can be scanned into the game by the Wii U tablet, according to the video. This could be done by the same NFC technology used by Activision’s Skylanders franchise.

A heart was used to replenish health, and a Rabbid figurine filled the level with the furry creatures. The ending suggests Assassin’s Creed’s Ezio will make an appearance as well.

Rayman Legends will have new playable characters, online gameplay, “exclusive content for the Wii U,” social gaming, and “legendary settings.” The social gaming aspect displayed a challenge for two players: “Win 30 Rubis by scoring 980 Lums in the Ghost’s Pit.” One option requires 5 Rubis to participate, and the other declines the challenge. The game also looks to have a new art style.

The video depicts a group of people playing the game together with one person holding a Wii U tablet and the others using Wii Remotes. Because the video was intended for internal use, it’s unclear if the console supports multiple tablets at a time.

Ubisoft referred to Rayman Legends as a sequel to Rayman Origins, and it is being developed by series creator Michel Ancel, and a team in Montepellier, according to a statement made to Polygon.  No release date or platforms have been announced.

Via: Joystiq

Source: Gamekult, VG247, Polygon


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