Skylanders Giants is Coming

Activision plans to take advantage of their successful toy/game franchise Skylanders, with a sequel including a brand new set of characters. Titled Skylanders Giants – a name that rings familiar after a few registered domains and a Twitter account – the game will bring with it eight new figurines, twice the size of the current line. The game will not require a different Portal of Power to scan in the characters, and original ones will still work with their stats intact. Activision didn’t provide a release date, but the game will be shown at the America International Toy Fair later this month hopefully with more information.

A set of 12 new, regular-sized Skylanders are coming soon, but whether or not they have a relationship to Skylanders Giants is unclear.

Activision also confirmed a separate mobile app is in development, said to include integration with the PC and console versions of the game. Speaking to Joystiq, Toys for Bob CEO and development lead Paul Reiche said the game will use information from the Skylanders web-based experience instead of the toys themselves.

Reiche said they’re “looking at” the recently announced NFC technology in the Nintendo Wii U controller.

Source: Joystiq [1] [2] [3]

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