XBLA House Party Begins with Warp Feb. 15

Revitalizing the dull period before the slew of games scheduled for a March release, Microsoft has revealed the lineup for its Xbox Live Arcade House Party promotion this year.

Trapdoor’s puzzle-based stealth action game Warp will start the event off on February 15 for 800 Microsoft Points ($10). Alan Wake’s American Nightmare marks the return of the writer and his demon lumberjack problems, it will follow a week later on February 22 for 1200 MS Points ($15). Nexuiz, the  multiplayer shooter with distinct influences from Quake will be the third game in the promotion releasing on February 29 for 800 MS Points ($10). We’ll have to see it to believe it after the various reports of its cancellations and delays, but Ubisoft’s survival shooter I Am Alive is set to conclude the schedule on March 7 for 1200 MS Points ($15)

Similar to Xbox Live’s Summer of Arcade promotion, if you purchase all four games you’ll be rewarded. If you decide to spend the $50 on all four games between February 15 and March 13 you will have 800 MSP ($10) added to your account.

Source: Major Nelson

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