5th Cell Begins Self-Publishing with Run Roo Run, Three More Games Planned for 2012

Run Roo Run is a sidescrolling “runner” game released on iOS earlier this month. It’s the first entirely new project to come out of 5th Cell after Super Scribblenauts, and the iOS port Scribblenauts Remix done in collaboration with Iron Galaxy Studios. Company co-founder and creative director Jeremy Slaczka told Gamasutra it has been doing “pretty well”, despite its spontaneous beginning as merely a side project.

Hybrid, 5th Cell’s cover-based third-person shooter announced in October 2010 for XBLA, and Run Roo Run are two of the four games it expects to release this year. 5th Cell will be self-publishing each of the games, Run Roo Run marks the first.

“It’s important, because if we call ourselves an innovative company, to be truly innovative you have to consistently be doing new and interesting things, not just in the industry, but for yourself. If we’re just going to keep on doing quirky 2D games, we’re not going to be innovative,” Slaczka said.

Source: Gamasutra, Joystiq


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