My first post on SideQuesting, and it’s about World of Warcraft

World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria had me worried, mostly because of the sudden change of plans for Blizzard to start pumping out faster content. But after seeing all the information they threw at us during this year’s Blizzcon, I can safely say they’ve got it under control.

My first post on SideQuesting details the core features of the new expansion and features my extended thoughts on each.

Here’s a little excerpt from it:

I like the Pokemon games a lot, and today Blizzard exploited my secret addiction. The new Pet Battle System introduced in the MoP is straight up Pokemon, so much so that I wonder what it feels like to be working at Game Freak right now. Did they double-take when Blizzard said (what were once non-combat) pets will be able to battle, learn abilities, and level up? I would be shocked if they didn’t punch a hole in the wall when Blizzard said you could attain (see: catch) them, even going so far as having certain ones native to specific locations.

I had fun writing this one. It sparked an excitement I haven’t had for WoW in a long time.

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