The Backlog: inFamous Part 2

OK, I’ve expressed my feelings regarding Cole’s hygiene habits, lets talk actual game mechanics.

The traversal is one of the most important parts of inFamous, and most of the time it’s very good. Most of the time. As you progress further into the game, the environments begin to work against you. This is probably why the crazy trash men like to hang out in tight fortresses because they are quite literally Cole’s worst enemy. This is also where that “open world jank” comes into play.  It’s extremely difficult to get a flow to your movement and shooting when you are shoved into one of these confined areas. I died multiple times from turning into an oncoming rocket, or from getting riddled with lead, while trying my hardest to detach from a wall. Cole’s magnetic latch-on feature is magnificent when you are exploring faux New York, but is your worst nightmare during combat. Now, of course I’m exaggerating here a little bit. It’s not the worst thing in the world, but for how much else the game does right it can be annoying to feel punished this way.

That’s enough with the complaining, let’s discuss the pacing, because it’s great. Gaining a new power in inFamous is the equivalent of finally getting an ability on the bottom of your talent tree in most RPGs. They are so powerful and useful, that all of them serve a purpose at some point outside of the tutorials. It helps that you get one in intervals or two or three missions. And to fill the time between new ones, you can upgrade your current roster of moves. There is never a point where you are tired of your powers, because they’re constantly growing. I would say this is the core reason why you get that superhero feeling at all times, regardless of how long you’ve had the same attacks.

To be continued…


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