The Backlog: inFamous Part 1

No More Baths

I started playing inFamous back when it was already a known quantity. After its similar-gameplay-and-release-date war with Prototype. After the success of Sucker Punch’s new hero and IP. I came into it with large assumptions that it would be everything I ever wanted in an open world game. Destruction, side-missions, story, super-powers, and fluid traversal. I got all of those things, but never felt the motivation to finish it on my first go-round. And now there is a second one? Let’s try again inFamous.

It was a hard decision, but I decided to restart from Cole’s first electrical encounter. I have no idea how far I was into the game, but judging from the remnants of the story I have left in my memory, I was maybe halfway? I vaguely remember lots of guys covered in trash with guns, and little spiders made of trash following me around. Yeah, I don’t know what I’m talking about either.

The game starts off with very little explanation. A large explosion happened, and Cole awakens all torn up in the aftermath. Bad luck ensues while cars burst into fiery debris and exposed wires shock the innocent civilian out of Cole. For some reason your annoying friend, Zeke calls for you to meet up with him, and I did, against my will knowing what the future holds.

The story sets up, and you and your seemingly homeless friend set out to find the reason behind the catastrophe. I guess I would have to agree that jumping off a building in the first twenty minutes is a good clarification on the extent of Cole’s powers, but I think it makes it hard to believe that anything at all hurts you. Cole’s Kryptonite is obviously water, but why bullets, or his own electric-grenades hurt him is beyond me. I mean the guy took an explosion to the face before he had his “radioactive-spider bite”. The dude should be a walking god that lacks cleanliness.

To be continued …

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