Sorry, it’s the PlayStation Vita now

We’ve dealt with very … odd names before; Xbox 360, Nintendo Wii, and the DSi to name a few. Let’s face it, video games can be rather weird, and if only the names are responsible we’re getting somewhere. For today, we have to try to understand the reasoning behind Sony officially naming its PSP successor, the PlayStation Vita (formerly known as the NGP).

First of all what is “vita”? “Vita” means life in Latin and Italian. Knowing that, we must speculate on what this has to do with Sony’s handheld itself. Will it breath new life into handheld gaming? Does it produce life-like graphics? Has it become sentient? For the time being, no answers are given. We’re going to have to wait until next week when they will officially announce this puzzling moniker to the gaming populace.

This all began when Games Pundit released an article revealing the existence of Sony’s upcoming announcement. They claimed the news was to be taken with a grain of salt considering only one anonymous source was responsible for the leak. A blurry photo of the finalized Vita on an ad was included, supposedly from another blog, Mega Rock (that has since been taken down).

Here is where things get real juicy. At this very moment if you visit Sony’s developer portal over at, but include the “vita” prefix (, it totally works. When you use “ngp” instead, it will work as well. The only one that will cause an error is “psp2”, and honestly, I’m glad. To add a tad more gasoline, and were registered on April 19, way before any of these rumors were circling.

Giant Bomb’s Patrick Klepek chimed in with some investigating of his own:

I’ve talked to several developer sources, all of whom asked to remain anonymous, as E3 is so close. But each confirmed Vita was definitely the codename for the project when Sony was first showing the hardware to developers. One developer said his company has stopped referring to the machine as Vita, preferring NGP or PSP2, but was unclear if Vita had been dropped.

Judging from all of this evidence, the PlayStation Vita is looking to be legitimate. Now we have to wait for Sony to explain this perplexing  handheld’s title on June 6th. Another photo is tucked in after the break.

[Images via Games Pundit]
[via: Giant Bomb, Joystiq]


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