Music Catch Review: First impression

I wrote this for another reason, but I figured I might as well publish it here.

The immense amount of enjoyment that overwhelms you from listening to a new musical piece cannot be replicated. The curiosity driving your interest through the song can be pure ecstasy. Music Catch provides this feeling, and at the same time, uses the music to control your reactions. Like many great pieces, its dynamic nature quickly fades and becomes a static experience.
Your task is to weave a lonely, yellow circle through pulsating bursts of basic shapes. These bundles of shapes emit from a solid line that continuously rotates around the screen as the music builds. When touched, each shape will reward you with points. As the flow of the song fluctuates they will stream out of the line at different intervals, masking your primary objectives.

The few shapes that share your color scheme are meant to be absorbed as you dash about the black abyss. On a successful impact your circle’s size will increase and you will gain one point of a score-multiplier. Occasionally red-masked shapes will work their way out of the crowds too. These dastardly polygons will eat away half of your multiplier and seriously shrink both your size and confidence.

The piece in question is Isaac Shepard’s “Before Dawn”. Shepard’s work, while beautiful in its own right, forms the primary antagonist in your first few playthroughs of Music Catch. As it builds to an intense crescendo, the difficulty rises. Shapes will begin to scream out with such vigor that it can be hard to find your groove. These frantic moments showcase the game at its best. The first time through it feels like a journey, but after your inaugural musical adventure you begin to memorize the rhythm.

Music Catch is a flash game that thrives on its first impression. Unfortunately, what was once a discovery becomes a stale pattern that falls flat with repeated ventures.


Music Catch is a flash game by Reflexive Entertainment. Play it here.


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