From Pixels to Polygon’s Best of 2009

The video game  industry saw shocking breakthroughs and terrible losses, but all of it made 2009 a very important year. Now that we are 11 days into the brand new year I’ve had some time to think about what games really stood out in 2009.  Here are the few that kept me smiling even past December 31st.

5. Dragon Age: Origins

While not always a heavy RPG player, I couldn’t pass up Dragon Age: Origins. Only an hour into and Bioware has you making hefty decisions that shape your place in the world. The lore is very realized and detailed greatly throughout the game. The simple fact that the 100 hours you spend in the game was different from the thousand of others who played it is absolutely amazing. Bioware has a brand new IP on their hands that I hope to see well into 2010.

4. Infamous

Hands-down the best open world title I’ve ever played. I can’t quit thinking about all the things I can do inside the world  Sucker Punch created in Infamous. The game’s pacing almost nears perfection with how they layer each of Cole’s abilities as you progress. Electrifying enemies in a variety of ways is rewarding as ever and gives you the feeling of a true super hero. While the story might be a little far-fetched the gameplay stands out among the rest in 2009.

3. Borderlands

What more could anyone want? Borderlands includes everything you would want in a post-apocalyptic shooter RPG. Storyline aside, Borderlands shows off some of the best addictive gameplay to date. I could spend hours either with friends, or by myself  lost in the world of Pandora without a sign of light from reality. Mowing down enemies with your buddies is the best way to appreciate the hordes of enemies it throws at you. The vast amount of weapons and other items contribute to this very diverse game. What started out as a sleeper-hit has exploded into a triple-A title worthy of a sequel.

2. Batman: Arkham Asylum

One of the rare games in 2009 that left me stunned. For way too long Batman games have been mediocre and bland. That was until Rocksteady Studios sculpted this masterpiece of a game. Arkham Asylum bursts its way through the other Batman games and leaves everyone wanting more. The team and Rocksteady went back to the essential Batman and based a video game on some of his core attributes. Arkham Asylum puts you directly in the boots of Bruce Wayne’s alter ego with jaw-dropping results. The combat system is fluid and extremely responsive making for an outstanding experience.

1. Uncharted 2: Among Thieves

Naughty Dog crafted an elegant blockbuster hit, that I will eternally enjoy. Not only are the graphics some of the best I’ve ever seen, but the characters that occupy the game are magnificently captivating. The voice-acting merits awards for the sheer perfection they achieved. Every moment in Uncharted 2 had me on the edge of my seat gasping in awe. 2009 was Naughty Dog’s year without a doubt.

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