Review: Uncharted 2: Among Thieves

This weekend I played a theatrical movie, and it’s name is Uncharted 2. Moments in and you get the feeling that there are a plethora of cinematic qualities tucked inside this game that are unlike thousands of others before it. Almost instantaneously after pressing the infamous “start” button your left in the control of the most enjoyable fortune-hunter I’ve ever seen. Nathan Drake has been betrayed and he now sits in a de-railed train car with a bloody wound above his hip. Unbeknownst to him this abandoned train car is a few feet away from sliding off a cliff somewhere in the Himalayas. With Drake now aware of his imminent doom, he begins to assess his options. This is one of the many moments where the game flawlessly converts to gameplay. Immediately the train lurches even further off of the cliff and causes Drake to descend closer to his ominous fall. Luckily, Drake still has enough in him to grab onto the door jutting out from the back of the car. From here you must climb your way near the top of the cliff and eventually make the final life-saving jump. Once you make it to safe ground I guarantee you will breath a sigh of relief simultaneously with the games protagonist.

Events like these are scattered throughout Uncharted 2, making the game ever-changing and very intense at times. From dodging a pursuing helicopter in a office building that is exploding with you inside it, to nearly escaping death from a hulking tank following you through city streets;Uncharted 2 doesn’t let you go until the very end. Naughty Dog managed to place in unique actions depending on Drake’s current situation that create a sense of realism that I have yet to see in a video-game. The firefights make for visceral events etched into the masterpiece that is this game. While the weapons are your general variety, each firearm felt distinct while running from cover to cover trying to flank the oncoming swarm of enemies.

With that in mind, the game does hurt itself in smaller areas. I found myself constantly sticking to a wall for cover while an oncoming RPG was hurdling my way. Trying to jump frantically off of a cliff caused some deaths because Drake felt the need to hold on to the ledge to make sure that I wanted to run like hell. Even battling in train cars caused for some unnecessary deaths due to the imaginary glue on the walls. Scenarios like these were annoying, yes, but couldn’t ruin a game of this value.

The men and women who contributed their voice talents for the game (notably: Nolan North) should be honored. Each cutscene was presented in the most amazing in-game graphics to date, along with superb voice-acting. Not to mention the story feels like it was stole from a multi-million dollar movie’s script. I never had the idea in my head that this is a story forced onto me because Naughty Dog created the gameplay first. You constantly feel as if you are the actor in this magnificent tale.

A video-game cannot offer more that what is delivered in Uncharted 2. Every aspect of this amazing endeavor left me astonished. From the beginning I had the gut feeling that I would end up buying a Playstation 3, and one of the reasons would be this very game. In conclusion, all I can say is buy this game. Trust me, you won’t regret it.


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