Impressions: Batman: Arkham Asylum

There are many great games of 2009, but sometimes even before the November plethora-of-games launches a ground-breaking experience can be found. Batman: Arkham Asylum is that title. As soon as I picked it up I could feel the that the game was begging to be explored and analyzed. Minutes in, and your already leaving the game’s thugs unconscious on the floor. The combat is flawless in every aspect. Every battle you fall upon, you know that everyone except you will be out cold. If I’m not mistaken I’m pretty sure that’s what it should feel like to be Batman. From watching an enemy from a rooftop, to gliding down and letting him meet the bottom of your boot, being the caped crusader himself has never been so enticing. Batman doesn’t let anyone past him as he cleans up the mess that The Joker leaves the Asylum in. You encounter many foes that you might of known previously such as Poison Ivy, Bane, and Killer Croc. The boss fights are very intense, and always have a real purpose as to why your even fighting against these criminals. Remember, Batman is not traversing through some random mansion/asylum this is Arkham Asylum where every man/women that Batman has caught has been held. Everyone knows your name and has a hard time realizing that Batman isn’t afraid. Enemies will mock you but you will always find a way for them to regret their previous remarks. After every brawl Batman stands there looking over the bodies and releases his hand from a fist, giving you time to soak in the pain you just served out.

Like the combat wasn’t enough to keep you going you always have The Riddler to please, as you find all of his cleverly hidden riddles. Sometimes finding them can be a little of a brain teaser, but in the end you feel very accomplished when you discover one. Even after you have beaten the game there is also challenge rooms for you to test your patience and strength. These rooms can get very challenging and require a lot of skill to get through.

Batman games haven’t always been innovative, but 2009 has re-wrote the past. Many child-hood dreams have been fufilled and exceeded in this twisted dark story. Batman is no longer just a great film, its an incredible game.

Calling all games of 2009, you have a masterpiece to best.

Good luck.


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