An hour with Killzone 2’s multiplayer

Recently I picked up a Playstation 3 from Best Buy and recieved the bundle including Killzone 2 and Metal Gear Solid 4. Two, great games and one big fat system (yes, it was days before the Slim was announced). Thankfully Best Buy is awesome and I got my $100.00 back with the release of the cheaper 80GB price tag. Though I have already played the single-player for a little bit, I decided it was time to check out the multi-player.

From the beginning, I was skeptical on how the feel of the controls from single-player to multi-player would feel. I was exactly correct, the movement is very sluggish. It almost feels as if the designers used the slow moving controls to work against you so the fights aren’t run and gun. Unfortunately the game is designed to be slower paced, even though when you actually run into someone you both chuckle as the two of you try to move your aiming reticule on each other. Fights can be quick and meaningless or long and determined. On a basic deathmatch, I found sitting in hard to reach spots, like corners and stairs, were the best areas to cheap shot your enemies. The last match I played ended up being a run to specific place and die in specific place. My whole team constantly ran to the same place and sat their waiting for the opposing team to walk in and be showered in a hail of bullets. Judging from our brutal victory, I can imagine what my frustrated opponents were thinking.

I can’t quit going back to how much the controls hinder you on how you take out your enemies. Not only that but since your accuracy will more than likely be 20% you will find you have no ammo rather quickly. In the case of no ammo, you either have to use your very weak pistol or cross your fingers and run towards the next dead guy you see for his weapon. Having been someone who played Call of Duty 4, the grace of taking someone out is completely gone. Features like showing you who killed you and how are trademark to the CoD4 players and when you suddenly start bleeding in the face only to meet the concrete, you really want to know what just happened.

For a game called Killzone I would expect a satisfying experience of killing and dying with fun. Killzone 2 just doesn’t achieve that, mostly because of the sluggish controls. I know this is supposed to be more of a slow paced combat oriented game, but to have a fun multi-player you have to be always rewarding the player and teaching him skilled tactics as he/she becomes more experienced. I’m also fully aware that if all you do is play Killzone’s multi-player, you will get used to it, and eventually destroy your adversaries; but you also need a sense of really grasping the player and letting him feel like he is in control.


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